Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Week 2

So just as expected Riley felt much better on Saturday, but we didn't do much so he could recover.

Sunday was fathers day and we went to Jasons aunts house for a cookout. I got a couple of pictures the first is Grandma Boehle with Cameron and the second is Great aunt Arlene:

Monday wasn't a real fun day. Jason tried to take the boys to the pool and they only got to swim for a half hour due to bad weather. Cameron was also having issues. I think he was just gassy or something but man was he cranky! Even I was crying by mid-day.

Tuesday we found out that somehow the PKU test they did in the hospital was lost or damaged somehow, and now we have to go get it done again. Grrr. We also went and visited great grandpa Boehle:

Oh yeah we also made a our first trip of the summer to Tads! Oh Tads tropical sno cones are heaven.

Wednesday was fairly boring. Ri is back to not feeling so great and I had to take Cameron to get the PKU test done. Thankfully Hunters friend Cody invited him over to play for the day so that was one less kiddo to entertain.

Thursday. Boo I've been dreading today! It's Jasons first day back to work. It actually hasn't been so awful even with Riley being sick. We even made it to Hyvee and back in one piece. Here's a picture of Riley and Cameron at around 4pm

Yep both of them sound asleep. Just in time for me to start on dinner :D. Here's Cameron at 2 weeks old.

That's all for this week! Stay tuned for more exciting Boehle blogging!

-Jason, Jess & The BOYS

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